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Athletix Videos

Athletix Videos

About the Practice

  • Davie Facility

    A quick look at the Davie, FL facility

  • NFL Off Season Program

    NFL Athletes continue training in the offseason at Davie, FL facility

  • NFL Off Season Highlights

    Watch NFL players running routes, working out, and more

  • NFL Total Access Feature

    Dr. Sharif works with NFL Running Back Alvin Kamara on core stability and coordination.

  • Sunday Night Football

    Here is a segment from the 9/29/19 Saints game during Sunday Night Football that featured the NFL offseason work we did with starting running back Alvin Kamara!

  • Athletix Showcase Event 2017

    Athletix Showcase Event 2017


    NFL Off Season Training at Athletix in Miami


    Hip Mobility Seminar Athletix Rehab & Recovery at Battle Axe Gym

  • Athletix Rehab & Recovery

    Physical Therapy for a competitive Crossfit Athlete

  • Performance

    NFL Pro Athlete Performance training at Athletix Rehab & Recovery

  • Performance

    Sports Performance, Football, NFL

Athlete Testimonials

  • Orleans Darkwa & Sean Spence Visit Athletix Rehab
  • Testimonials

    Bobby McCain – Miami Dolphins Athletix

  • Testimonials

    Kelvin Sheppard – Detroit Lions Testimonial on Athletix Rehab & Recovery

  • Athletix Rehab & Recovery

    Nick Moody NFL Rehab at Athletix Rehab and Recovery in Miami, FL

  • Josh Evans & Earl Wolff | Redskins

    Josh Evans & Earl Wolff of the Washington Redskins

  • Rehab

    Rehab for NFL Athletes

Physical Therapy

  • Postural Correction Exercises
  • Hip Mobility Series

    Part 5 – “Hip Opener”,

  • Shoulder Warm Up Part 2

    Shoulder Warm Up Part 2

  • Shoulder Warm Up Part 1

    Shoulder Warm Up Part 1

  • Hip Mobility Series

    Part 7: “Hip Opener”

  • Hip Mobility Series

    Part 6: “Hip Opener”

  • Hip Mobility Series

    Part 4: “Hip Opener”

  • Hip Mobility Series

    Part 3: “Hip Opener”, banded self joint mobilization.

  • Hip Mobility Series

    Part 2: “Hip Anatomy”, understanding the orientation of the acetabulum.

  • Graston Technique

    Physical Therapy treatment using the Graston Technique

  • Manual Therapy

    Spinal Manipulation at Athletix Rehab & Recovery

Upper Mobility

  • Shoulder Warm Up Part 5

    Shoulder Warm Up Part 5

Lower Mobility

  • Hip Mobility Series

    Part 1: “Self Assessment”, screening for full hip ROM and/or pain.

  • Ankle Mobility Series

    Part 3: “Exploring Space”, increasing multidirectional ankle mobility.

  • Ankle Mobility Series

    Part 2: “Talar Release”, increasing ankle dorsiflexion.

  • Ankle Mobility Series

    Part 1: “Assessment”, testing for limited ankle mobility.

  • Performance

    NFL Pro Athlete agility and performance training.

  • Physical Therapy

    Pro Athlete physical therapy and Rehab


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