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Get to Your Optimum Level of Physical Function with Athletic Training!

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20 Mar, 2020

Get to Your Optimum Level of Physical Function with Athletic Training!

Athletic training through physical therapy treatments can help you reach your peak performance, whether you’re recovering from an injury or trying to strengthen your skills. A physical therapist is dedicated to helping you reach your goals – and developing new ones! With athletic training programs, your peak performance is something that you and your physical

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10 Jan, 2020

Treat Your Concussions the Natural Way with Physical Therapy

Concussions are a serious concern for athletes, especially those competing in high-impact sports. It is a serious condition that can hinder both your physical and mental capabilities for a period of time. Concussions typically happen from a trauma-based impact, usually either from a sports injury or motor vehicle accident. While concussions can be painful and

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11 Oct, 2017

Foot Position Found to Have Relationship With Shoulder Pain in Throwing Athletes!

Can foot position really affect shoulder pain in throwing athletes?   *Flat-foot/Over-pronated foot: An over-pronated foot is a hypermobile foot that leads to lack of a rigid lever at push-off, and causes a collapse of the medial arch. Why does this matter? Every time your foot hits the ground, you are absorbing an equal and opposite

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