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Did you have a C – Section? A Physical Therapist Can Help You!


Did you have a C – Section? A Physical Therapist Can Help You!

This blog post is dedicated to all mommy’s, especially those that have undergone a C-section. Did you know that over 30% of women have cesarean births, but are given little to no information on proper recovery? There is a lot of misconception that having a C-section is just “easier” and that you’ll “recover faster from giving birth.” It’s important for you momma’s to know the facts and how having a C-section can affect your bodies.

Common Symptoms – Post C-Section

  • Scar pain and sensitivity
  • Reduced mobility and flexibility especially in your hips and low back
  • Difficulty bending forward and lifting
  • Low back pain from weakened core muscles
  • Myofascial trigger points in the abdomen that may refer pain to the urethra and clitoris
  • Urinary frequency, urgency, and incontinence
  • Pelvic pain during sexual intercourse

Unfortunately, in the U.S. pelvic floor physical therapy is not automatically part of a woman’s medical care post-delivery. Other countries such as France automatically send their new mommas to pelvic floor therapy because they understand how important it is!  Addressing these issues soon after childbirth is key in preventing them from becoming chronic conditions. Consequently, impairments left untreated may significantly impact a new mom’s quality of life, self-esteem, relationships, and ability to care for her infant.

C- Section Therapy

During a C-section, the abdominal muscle wall is cut to deliver the baby. During pregnancy, these muscles have been overstretched and strained. There are many cases where pelvic floor muscles do not heal properly and require special attention for optimal recovery. This is where pelvic floor therapy comes into play!

Therapy can help new moms reduce or even eliminate urinary incontinence, low back pain, and C-section scarring. Physical therapists can provide scar massage to mobilize the scar tissue and assist in laying down of organized collagen tissue. Just massaging your scar for 2-3 minutes a day can make a huge difference. It is NEVER too late to start working on your scar! Our Dr’s work with new moms normalize their pelvic floor muscle tone (you don’t want your muscle to be too tight or too loose), melt away myofascial trigger points and decrease tissue hypersensitivity with manual techniques to resolve pelvic pain. By strengthening and learning to control pelvic floor muscles, the negative effects of your C-section can be greatly reduced.

A trained pelvic floor specialist, such as Dr Anika help you return to your fitness routine, establish new habits, movement patterns and make the everyday tasks of being a new mom a whole lot easier!

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