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Massage Therapy Can Relieve Your Pain 


Massage Therapy Can Relieve Your Pain 

Massage Therapy

At Athletix Rehab & Recovery we offer great massages to our patients to provide relaxation, stress relief, improved circulation, mobility, posture, and more. Our massage therapists are trained specialists who know how to target the source of your pain in a safe, effective, and holistic way. 

We offer a variety of massages at our clinic, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and sports massage. A massage is a wonderful gift to give to someone you care about as well; Athletix Rehab is offering gift certificates this holiday season! 

If you’re dealing with aches and pains, you’ve been searching for an outlet for stress relief and relaxation, or you’d like to book a relaxing massage session for a loved one, contact us here or call us today at 305-501-0231.


What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy has been around for ages, in fact, it’s one of the earliest forms of pain-relieving treatment that we know of!

This method involves acting on and manipulating the body with pressure – structured, unstructured, stationary, or moving – tension, motion, or vibration (which can be done manually or with mechanical aids.)

Many medical professionals turn to massage therapy in order to break up scar tissue and relax muscles. When you sustain an injury, your body will form adhesions — bands of tough scar tissue — around the injury. These adhesions will end up restricting your movement, result in some serious inflammation and pain, and can delay your recovery for a very long time if  they go left untreated.

Massage therapists at Athletix Rehab are trained to use specific techniques that target and break up the adhesions so that your muscles will loosen up. This will aid in relieving pain and improving your range of motion. 

Many people believe that massage therapy is only helpful for athletes. While massages certainly provide tons of benefits to those who are active in sports, you don’t have to be an Olympic champion to get one. This type of therapy can help with chronic back, shoulder and neck pain, as well as conditions like fibromyalgia and sciatica.

Receiving a therapeutic massage once or twice a month is something that is really simple, but can ultimately help you feel your very best!

How do I know if I need a massage?

According to the Mayo Clinic,“Massage is generally considered part of complementary and integrative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.” It makes sense that massage therapy is becoming a sought after service!

If you’re experiencing any of the following scenarios, it may be time for you to schedule a massage:

  • You’re experiencing headaches
  • You’re having trouble sleeping through the night
  • You’ve noticed your muscles are stiff/tense
  • You find yourself feeling more stressed than usual
  • You’ve noticed your range of motion is restricted
  • You’re in pain

Muscle soreness, tightness and pain are all things that we go through from time to time. Massage therapy can combat these problems by helping your body develop better circulation and breaking up any existing scar tissue. 

Enhanced therapies

Athletix Rehab and Recovery also offers massage therapy services that can enhance your overall experience and make it even more enjoyable. 

You may add aromatherapy to your massage if you’d like. Aromatherapy helps to promote relaxation and also helps relieve stress! We offer the following oils you may choose from; each has its own special benefits:

  • Lavender – promotes relaxation
  • Lemongrass – provides relief from muscle pain
  • Eucalyptus – promotes decongesting
  • Geranium – improves circulation
  • Clary Sage – uplifts
  • Tea Tree – boosts the immune system


Another add-on service we provide is heating and cooling therapy. Your therapist may use warming or cooling therapies to increase blood flow, aid in muscle pain relief, reduce pain, and decrease muscle and joint stiffness.

Schedule your massage today

Your health should be top priority. If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, stress, tension, muscle aches and pains, or you’re just interested in treating yourself or a loved one with a gift card for a relaxing massage session, contact Athletix Rehab and Recovery today to learn more about the benefits of massage therapy. 



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