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Alvin Kamara Is Once Again Showing What An Athletic Freak He Is With His Insane Offseason Training

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Remember back in March of 2018 when New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara showed off some of his completely out-of-hand offseason training regimen?

If you do or did see it, you will never forget it, because the 5-foot-10, 215 pound back was performing the farmer’s walk… while carrying four 45-pound weights (still attached to the rack)… while pulling a Jeep.

Yes, that was something that actually happened.

This offseason, Kamara is back at it, pulling off workout maneuvers that once again will leave your jaw hanging.

The other day, Dr. Sharif Tabbah of Athletix Rehab & Recovery in Miami, shared a training video of Kamara performing a stability exercise that, well, you really just have to watch it.

“@A_kamara6 I’m running out of ways to challenge you my guy,” Kamara’s trainer wrote on Twitter.

He’s not kidding either. Check out some of the other workouts he’s got Kamara, and some of his other NFL clients like Marshon LattimoreOrleans DarkwaQuincy WilsonJaylen Watkins, and Devin Funchess performing this offseason.


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