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Meet Dr Kyle Krupa of Athletix Rehab and Recovery


Meet Dr Kyle Krupa of Athletix Rehab and Recovery

So letโ€™s switch gears a bit and go into the Athletix Rehab and Recovery story. Tell us more about the business.
Athletix Rehab and Recovery are boutique Physical Therapy clinics that focus on an athletic clientele, both professional and weekend-warrior athletes. The doctors at our clinics have extensive experience treating professional athletes from various professional disciplines; NFL, NBA, MLB, USA Olympics, FIFA and more. We focus on functional rehabilitation with an emphasis on manual therapy, corrective exercise, performance-based sport-specific exercise and postural re-alignment, in order to expedite clientsโ€™ return to play. We provide a unique and individually tailored rehabilitation protocol for every client in order to optimally return our athletes to their sport.
Due to mixing in strength and conditioning principles with the rehabilitation process, we are known for keeping athletes engaged and challenged while getting them back to play quickly.


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