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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

  • Mark Ingram, NFL

  • Thanks for everything, year in and year out! You’re the best in the game!

    Darnell Dockett, NFL, 3x Pro-Bowler

  • Thank you for sticking with me through everything and always getting me healthy in the off season. I will be with you until the end!

    Dominique Easley, NFL

  • Thanks Athletix for getting me right during the off season! My home away from home!

    Ronald Powell, NFL

  • The Athletix team has helped me through countless injuries throughout my journey to the 2016 Crossfit Games. Thank you guys so much for always putting me back together!

    April Lowe, Crossfit Games Athlete

  • Thank you Athletix for keeping me healthy throughout my journey to the 2016 Crossfit Games!

    Melissa Alonso, Crossfit Games Athlete

  • I have medaled in multiple in multiple meets thanks to Athletix Rehab and Recovery’s progressive therapy and highly developed manual therapy techniques. These endeavors would not have been possible without the Athletix team keeping me intact. Thank you so mich for keeping me whole and healthy both then and now!

    Albert Tamayo, USPA Powerlifter National Record Holderย 

  • My experience with Athletix Rehab & Recovery has been outstanding and they are by far the best private PT facility I have ever been involved with. I cannot imagine being able to train as hard as I have without their help!

    David Bialski, USPA Powerlifter State Record Holder

  • My go-to guys from head-to-toe! I look forward to every appointment because not only do they help my body recover but they continue to teach me how to correct my deficiency a so I can work harder and more efficiently through my workouts! And those Normatec boots….. They’re life savers!

    Alexa Hotaling, IFBB Bikini Pro


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