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The Ins and Outs of a Physical Therapy Evaluation


The Ins and Outs of a Physical Therapy Evaluation

PT Evaluations are an ongoing and iterative process that begins at the very first appointment with the patient. Your physical therapist will implement extensive physical and evaluative testing to determine your physical capabilities and limits. This includes comprehensive performance based tests that is used to determine your ability for work, activities of daily living, or your specific sport. See further below for all areas that we test.

This form of testing is done to determine the root of the injury, your individualized plan of care and how additional damage can be prevented in the future. The data gathered is an objective way to define what the your limits currently are, and how they can be improved upon. For more information regarding PT Evaluations, contact Athletix Rehab & Recovery today.

What to expect during your PT Evaluation

Steps to your visit:

  1. History: during the history portion of the exam we collect information on your past medical history and the story of your injury.
  2. Palpation: this is when we physically asses the problematic body part and contributing body parts to your pain. We use physical touch to assess sensitivity, temperature, and tightness
  3. Range of motion (ROM): objective assessment of the bodies ability to move is crucial for getting patients back to their full function
  4. Manual muscle testing: assessing strength allows us to find the specific muscles that are weak. Strength assessments also allow us to get more info on why you may be in pain.
  5. Special test: special test can be used to provoke symptoms which allows your PT to differentially diagnose which structures are the root of your problem and give you a specific diagnosis and explanation of your injury or functional limitation
  6. Treatment: a treatment session will also be initiated during your initial evaluation. We will provide you with pain relief via manual therapy and take you through corrective exercises.
  7. Home exercise program: before you leave you will be given a detailed home exercise program. Your home exercise program is a powerful adjunct to PT sessions to expedite your recovery and empower you to take control of your rehab process.

Contact Athletix Rehab & Recovery:

We are excited to help you on your journey to recovery! If you are recovering from an injury, you would benefit from participating in a PT Evaluation, in order to learn your limits before returning back to your sport of choice.

Contact Athletix Rehab & Recoverytoday to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can significantly reduce your risk of further injury and help you. #GETBACKINTHEGAME!

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